4 Steps Orthodontic Practice Owners Use To Train Their Incredible Clinical Assistants In Record Time!

Implementation orientated approach! We will have your framework from pre-boarding, onboarding, to fully trained by the end of this webinar!

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In This Free 45 Min Webinar, You'll Discover...

  • How to create a step by step system to train your orthodontic assistant on the entire foundation of orthodontics, even if you are already short staffed. 
  • How to feel excited about onboarding your new orthodontic assistant without feeling overwhelmed or constantly having to finish their appointments for them.
  • How to strategically train your assistant to be fully functional in less than 90 days, even if that feels impossible right now!
  • How to dramatically increase office culture and team support, even if your assistants don't have a ton in common with each other.
  • How to significantly reduce staff turnover, even if you feel like it is out of your control! 


  • Why and how to create the best first impression for your newly hired assistant!
  • How to properly pre-board your new assistant for advanced learning!
  • Onboarding essentials for peak performance!
  • Onboarding buddy protocols to utilize the power of accountability
  • Exact framework, order, and timeline to train your assistant.
  • A comprehensive list of skills to be learned and the action steps needed to learn them!
  •  How to train your assistant to full competency in 90 days!
  • Plus, learn how to help prevent assistant burnout and boost team morale! 

Parkinson's Law 

Par·​kin·​son's Law | \ ˈpär-kən-sənz  | noun
Synonym: Have a plan! 

Is the old adage fact that work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion!

On average, it takes well over a year to fully train your new assistant and costs your practice over $50k in lost efficiencies and production! 

When you have no timeline, or road map, will your assistant EVER be competent? Don't give yourself over a year, or you will take over a year to complete it! In this workshop we will create a framework and step by step guide to compress competency into 90 days!

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Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Trujillo

       First off, I’m beyond grateful you’re here reading a little bit about me and why I created Orthovated!  As a private practice orthodontist since 2013, I know personally what it is like to be short staffed, have no time to train, and be scrambling for quality assistants! Furthermore, I have always found it frustrating that there is no orthodontic assistant training as part of a dental assisting curriculum! This meant you either had to find an assistant who was fully trained (which as you know is very difficult) or train your assistant on your own. Not having the time or resources to train your new assistant is a recipe for stress! Decreased production, consistently finishing your assistants procedures for them, and running behind schedule is definitely NOT a good environment for "on the job training". As a result, our new assistants feel discouraged by slow progress and their job satisfaction is severely compromised! The entire team suffers and our practice's full potential is impaired.

It was those mistakes and lessons that brought me to where I am today. My goal for you during this workshop is to finally take action and create an office protocol to help automate your onboarding process! 

You are ONE click away from finally creating an office protocol to train your new orthodontic assistants! 

Now you can stop worrying about how your new assistant training is going and automate the process! 

YES! SAVE MY SEAT: Watch Webinar Now
YES! SAVE MY SEAT: Watch Webinar Now