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Your Clinic's New Best Friend

An online training solution built to distill knowledge as well as offer you guidance. PLUS you'll learn how to handle the unique complicated problems that come with successfully scaling clinics.
The leader in orthodontic online education that makes learning fun, relevant, and engaging... all at your fingertips. 
A platform for you to avoid the easy-to-make mistakes in order to propel your practice forward... without taking away from your current patients and the need for years of formal training. 

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Learn powerful solutions to your current challenges. As an Orthovated member, all of your courses will be saved to your profile for unlimited access. 

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Purchase additional services such as personalized one-on-one orthodontic tutoring and consulting, or register for live workshops.

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Our mission is to ensure that you get the skills and capabilities you need to get you to the next level.

Meet Dr. Robert Trujillo

Founder, Orthovated

"What I love most about what I do is helping others find real solutions to the real problems that are weighing them down…The same problems that are preventing them from living their best life."

Too often dental professionals feel overwhelmed from the excessive responsibilities of being a boss, entrepreneur, and up-to-date orthodontic clinician. You should not have to feel this way!

Everyone deserves to be happy and love their career. It is important to be challenged but also critical to be proficient and supported with quality resources.

When your skills are sharpened, diversified, and balanced, your work-life-balance will be optimized, you will help more people, and you will live a life with great happiness.

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Welcome to Orthovated

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Consider what your practice would look like with exact step-by-step guidance from some of the most successful orthodontic practices today...
Sharing the exact processes to manageable growth and long-term sustainability...



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How would your work/life balance change?
How would your clinic’s growth change?

Now you’ll soon have the chance to explore expert in-depth knowledge and instant fixes to stressful problems that come with running a successful practice
(via revealed insider training systems).




Introducing Orthovated - your clinic’s new best friend.

A fresh mastermind and hub full of specific questions and custom
answers... everything at your fingertips.

Look, most orthodontists/dentists/clinic owners skip over the essentials in training staff... preventing assistants from becoming world class and this DESTROYS your sustainability and growth. Either they leave, you’re too busy or don’t have capacity on top of their current clinic demands... creating stress, setbacks and demand for new immediate staff, right?


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Are you looking for an all-in-one community to find answers to all kinds of problems you face with your clinic...

How about you let us help?

Plug in and tag us in to help you build both proven and effortless onboarding processes that’ll set your business on high heat reaching its potential rapidly and effectively.

How We Can Help

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Live Workshops

What others are saying:

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Scott D.


Why didn't I find this sooner? I'm just glad to have Orthovated to help me with scaling- finally!

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Aishwarya R.

General Dentist

Fantastic orthodontic course with valuable and practical information! Dr Trujillo is the best!

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Kelsey W.

UW Dental Student

Everything was explained flawlessly and it was very interesting. I also loved the deep reflections for solving problems.

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