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We Train Exceptional Orthodontic Dental Assistants

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The leader in online education for orthodontic dental assistants. With our interactive ortho-assistant course, we make learning fun, relevant, engaging and efficient... all at your fingertips. Save time and money with our 55+ online lessons so you can do the hiring and leave the training to us! Our progress tracker allows you to track skills learned and ensures competency, teaching the fundamentals of assisting in optimal time. If you are ready to soar to success with our video training program, then this orthodontic assisting course from Orthovated is for you! 

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Receive your Orthovated Certification! Learn and master the skills for the most common orthodontic procedures!

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Our mission is to provide your assistants with the skills, resources, clarity, and accountability to achieve your most difficult assistant training goals! We look forward to helping you build your dream team! 

Meet Dr. Robert Trujillo

Founder, Orthovated

"What I love most about what I do is helping others find real solutions to the real problems that are weighing them down…The same problems that are preventing them from living their best life."

Too often orthodontic professionals feel discouraged with the shortage of quality assistants, lack of training support, and guilt from not having enough time to train their new assistant effectively! As a result, your assistants feel overwhelmed from the fast paced and chaotic training process that goes along with “on the job training!” Without a foundation to the fundamentals of the orthodontic profession, growth is delayed, and job satisfaction is diminished. Consequently, it can take your practice well over a year to properly train your assistant only to lose them to burn out. The good news is that it no longer has to be this way!

Everyone deserves to be happy and love their career. It is important for our assistants to be challenged but also critical to be proficient and supported with quality resources. More importantly, we have to identify, in detail, our assistants  immediate and long term goals. With our progress tracker and accountability checkpoints, you can feel good knowing that your assistant is getting the best training and the foundation they need to find and build  joy as an orthodontic assistant!

We all know that teamwork makes the dream work! When your assistants skills are sharpened, diversified, and balanced, their work-life-balance will be optimized! Staff retention, loyalty, and positive team culture will skyrocket!  I believe that this shift is one of the most important missing ingredients to a happy, healthy, and productive orthodontic practice! 

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Welcome to Orthovated

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Consider what your practice would look like with an exact step-by-step interactive training guide designed to help your assistant reach their performance goals…


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Evidence Based and Best Practices!

Up close and personal, this video based course is strategically outlined to build a strong foundation to the orthodontic profession! There are 55+ lessons that dive deep into the science behind orthodontics, procedures, and technical hand skills needed to excel as an assistant! 


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Did you know training an assistant on average takes 1 year and costs a practice over $50k...

How about you let us help?

Check out our Orthovated World Class Assistant Course!

ORTHOVATED Assistant Course


Top features


  • Comprehensive orthodontic assistant training 
  • Unlimited library access for your entire office
  • Lifetime Unlimited Access
  • PDF's and Printouts for Efficient Learning 
  • Progress Tracking for Learned Skills
  • Plus so much more!

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What others are saying:

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Kyle R.


One of the best purchases I have ever made for my practice!!! It helped so much to train our new assistants and we even had our front office watch to learn more about procedures to help with scheduling and patient management! 

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Aishwarya R.

General Dentist

Fantastic orthodontic course with valuable and practical information! Dr Trujillo is the best!

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Mason L.


This course has it all! It made training our new assistant exponentially faster and she loved it! 

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