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Frequently Asked Questions



  1. What is the best order to take the course? 


 For the new onboarding assistant, we recommend taking the course in order from start to finish during the first and/or second week of orientation. This course can be completed, studied, and learned in less than 35 hours. Although there is A LOT of content it is designed to take the course in 1-3 weeks. This allows the assistant to fit the concepts together before important concepts are forgotten. Once information is pieced together it will enhance long term memory as they achieve their ah-ha moment. 

For the newer assistant, employed between 30-90 days the course can be taken at one time over 1-3 weeks, OR over 1-2 months to solidify the concepts. We still recommend taking the course in order for newer assistants. With your 18 month membership you can take as long as necessary to complete the course and repeat the course as many times as desired.


2. How many licenses do I get? How long do I have access? 


 Your purchase comes with 8 additional licenses, not including your master license that you used to purchase the course. Once you purchase the course, you will be given special instructions to set your assistants up with their own login. If any assistants leave your practice, it is requested that you email [email protected] the assistants first/last name and email and we will remove their license. Your membership purchase is for active 18 months. During these 18 months you will have unlimited access and can take the course as many times as you would like. After 18 months your membership will expire and you can renew your membership for a small Maintanance fee of $500 per year


3. How should my advanced assistants take the course? 


 This course is going to be helpful for new and advanced assistants! For advanced assistants, I would recommend reviewing the syllabus and selecting the topics you would like them to cover. This way they can skip introductory topics such as dental numbering or dental anatomy. All team members will benefit from learning the Orthovated Philosophy. 


4. How many lessons are there? Are there updates?


 The syllabus is constantly growing and new content is being added regularly. At this time the assistant course has over 80 powerful lessons ranging from 2 minutes to 60 minutes each in length. Updates are added to your library automatically at no additional fee to you. 


5. I noticed a topic is not on the syllabus, will you be adding this topic in the future? 


 Although the course is VERY thorough, there are naturally going to be unique topics that are not included because they are more specific to your practice. If you do not see a topic in the syllabus, it is important to note that the concepts you are looking for are very likely addressed (indirectly, yet thoroughly) through various lessons in the syllabus. If there is a topic that you would like to see added, please email your feedback to [email protected]! Our goal is to address the needs of our members!


6. What if I need more than 8 licenses? 


 Your membership is designed for 1 clinic and up to 8 licenses. If you need more than 8 licenses or you have multiple clinics there are pricing options available. Schedule a short google meet/zoom strategy meeting to receive pricing to meet your needs. 


7. Which typodont is used during this course? 


 We use the braces manakin from Buyamag Inc and can be purchased at We love this typodont because it is VERY sturdy and in our experience, brackets do not break after extensive routine practice. 

8. How do I prepare my assistants to take the course? 


 Our mission at Orthovated is to teach our assistants the science behind orthodontics so that they can love this profession as much as we do! We believe in the orthovated philosophy of confidence, competence, emotional, and positive intelligence! Furthermore, without knowing the WHY for every orthodontic procedure, our job satisfaction is diminished and burnout sets in. When introducing this course to your team, share the mission. Encourage your assistants to take the course seriously, get organized with a binder or note book, set a goal for how long it will take to complete the course (WRITE IT DOWN), take notes, study, and implement what they have learned. In our experience, the learning curve will be reduced by > 50%


9. Is there a way to purchase less than 8 licenses? 


 For offices that need anywhere between 1-8 licenses, there is only one pricing package. There are no options to purchase less licenses. If you need more licenses there are pricing options available. Schedule a strategy meeting to receive your pricing package for offices that need more than 8 licenses.


10. Will I still need to train my assistants after taking the course? 


 This course is going to cut your assistants learning curve exponentially, enhance their job satisfaction, and alleviate the training strain on your practice! It is a vital supplement to your training process; however, it is not designed to replace chair side training. Procedures and concepts are explained and taught but hands on training is still required to reinforce and achieve competency. 



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