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Orthodontic Assistant Course


Orthovated Assistant Course

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Owning a business can be stressful, right? 

Imagine having every chair run by a highly trained assistant, operating with 100% efficiency, reliability and effectiveness in your clinic...

What does that look like? 

Consider what an assistant training platform, built and tailored for teaching the fundamentals of orthodontics, could do for you...

How would your work/life balance change? 

Imagine all of your appointments finishing early or on time, minimizing mistakes, and exceeding your patient’s expectations with every appointment!

Growing your production an additional 10%, 20% even 30% consistently.

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The comprehensive orthodontic assistant online training. 

In as little as a few days you’ll have the missing clinic ingredient... 


This course was carefully put together to: 

  • Finally end the stressful time-investment of scrambling for good reliable staff
  • Increase long-term profitability
  • Streamline your organization’s internal processes
  • Build your skills and knowledge on reinforcing duties successfully to your assistants
  • Create an unshakeable working atmosphere and morale within your A-list team
  • Consistently meet and exceed patients expectations 
  • Solidify your onboarding process
  • Empower your clinic, yourself and your staff with the 2 C’s: unbreakable Confidence and Competence 

This course could be your ticket to finally finding, building and keeping the dependable A-list assistants and staff required to reach your clinics potential.


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Prevent Team Burnout and stagnating mistakes
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Overall Increased Production
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Reduce overhead and improve job satisfaction

The easy and fun way to learn to be an orthodontic assistant! 


In this course your assistant will soon have access to:

  • Understanding the orthodontic business
  • Appropriate professionalism and conduct in the workplaceā€‹
  • Step by step guidance to prepare for and execute orthodontic procedures
  • Creating crystal-clear paths to achieve and set their own goals (without your time investment)
  • The proven framework to forming a positive workforce (your environment is everything!
BONUS: We’ll show you exact breakdowns explaining taking perfect x rays every time, placing braces, four handed dentistry, treatment with Invisalign, handling instruments and naming teeth… PLUS content will be updated, improved and added to quarterly at no additional fee!

As you go through this system, you’ll learn the proven fundamentals of Orthodontic Assisting!


One Time Payment



$200 onboarding fee

  • Comprehensive orthodontic assistant trainingĀ 
  • Own the library for up to 8 Licensed Users
  • Unlimited library access for entire LIFETIME membership
  • PDF's, Printouts and Quizzes for Efficient LearningĀ 
  • Progress Tracking for Learned Skills
  • Plus so much more!
  • Need more than 8 licenses? Scroll below to schedule a free consultation to discuss pricing optionsĀ 

Course Syllabus

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Content in your course will be updated regularly with added lessons at no additional fee!



Introduction To The Profession

Lifecycle of the Orthodontic Patient

3 Tips For Customer Service, Professionalism, & Leadership

Dental Anatomy 

Orthodontic Composite Photography 

Panoramic Radiography 

Cephalometric Radiography 

3-D Scan (iTero) 

Alginate Impressions 

Why We Trace A Ceph

How To Trace A Ceph

Jaw Growth Patterns

Mechanical and Chemical Retention 

Orthodontic Wire Properties 

Common Orthodontic Appliance 

Orthodontic Elastics 


Biology of Tooth Movement 

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Order Tooth Movements 

Instrument Overview For the Beginner 

Ergonomics and Fulcrums 

Operatory Organization And A Tidy Work Space 

Types Of Retainers 

Making In-House Essix Retainers 

Preparation For Orthodontic Appointments 

Orthodontic Separators 

Arch Wire Adjustments 

Invisalign Preparation 

The 8 Invisalign Appointment Types From Start To Finish 

Observation Recalls 

Appliance Delivery 

How to Position Brackets On Teeth 

Initial Bonding Braces Appointment 

Place Invisalign Attachments 


Fitting And Cementing Bands 

Bracket Removal 

Coil Springs and Comfort Tube

Stops And Hooks

Distal Wire Smoothing and Slot/Wire Size   

Distal End Bending, Cinching, SOS Prevention 

Blue Glue And Bite Turbos 

Distal End Cutting 

Ligatures (Elastic, Steel, Power Chain, Kobe) 

Wire Spatial Orientation 

New Patient Braces Instructions 

Managing Patients With Anxiety and Positive Reinforcement 

Dental Class I, II, And III

AP Discrepancies (Skeletal Class I, II, And III) 

Vertical Discrepancies 

Transverse Discrepancies 

Disinfection Versus Sterilization 

Brief Intro to Cross Contamination

When To Start Treatment: Dental, Skeletal, Chronological, and Emotional Ages

MI versus CR and TMD

Bolton Discrepancy 

Branches of Dentistry

Intro To Placing Fixed Lingual Retainers

Time Management And Doctor Time

Retainer Adjustment

Introduction to the Invisalign Doctor Site and Clin Check

Lab Prescriptions

Intro: Key Components Of Writing A Referral 

Evaluating The Final Result 


Communication In The Clinical Setting

Welcome To The Office

Orthovated Philosophy: IQ, EQ And PQ

Chair-Side Assisting Etiquette

Isolation And Tooth Preparation

Orthodontic Numbering 

Introduction to Anatomy and Terminology


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What others are saying:

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Kyle R.


One of the best purchases I have ever made for my practice!!! It helped so much to train our new assistants and we even had our front office watch to learn more about procedures to help with scheduling and patient management!

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Kyrsten C.

Orthodontic Assistant

Dr. Trujillo keeps information interesting and easy to digest. His program has given me confidence as an orthodontic assistant! I am beyond thankful!

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Arti B.


Dr Trujillo’s Orthovated assistant course helped my practice tremendously to improve efficiency. He gave practical and useable tips which I am applying in my practice. I highly recommend this course