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Dear future-orthovated valued member,

I’m Robert Trujillo.

First off, I’m beyond grateful you’re here reading a little bit about me and why I created Orthovated.  As a private practice orthodontist since 2013, I know personally what it is like to be short staffed, have no time to train, and be scrambling for quality assistants! Furthermore, I have always found it frustrating that there is no orthodontic assistant training as part of a dental assisting curriculum! This meant you either had to find an assistant who was fully trained (which as you know is very difficult) or train your assistant on your own. Not having the time or resources to train your new assistant is a recipe for stress! Decreased production, consistently finishing your assistants procedures for them, and running behind schedule is definitely NOT a good environment for "on the job training". As a result, our new assistants feel discouraged by slow progress and their job satisfaction is severely compromised! The entire team suffers and our practice's full potential is impaired.
It was those mistakes and lessons that brought me to where I am today.
Let me share a little about that, here’s a quick rundown for you...



It all stemmed from my true passion, which is service to others, academic and professional leadership! 

Having spent well over a decade of formal and informal training in psychology, goal achievement, leadership, and high performance, I realized that the orthodontic assistant profession is seriously lacking in support, development and leadership. As a result, not only is the entire industry suffering with record rates of doctor burnout, but assistants are not being mentored or properly trained to their fullest potential! 


I believe that joy is in the details! If our assistants do not know WHY they are doing what they are doing then they are seriously missing out on all the amazing aspects that this career has to offer!

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This is why I created the orthovated solution!


Sparing no details, each lesson builds off the previous one for a powerful transformative learning process! This course consists of 80+ personable 1:1 online lessons where I personally teach the assistant the important and relevant lessons to excel in their profession.


Introducing Orthovated: Your partner in success...

Systematized processes

  • Increase clinical skills
  • Learn the "why" for common orthodontic procedures
  • Clinical competency + hand skills
  • Improve patient experience
  • Assistant Retention
  • Increase efficiency and see more patients
  • Improved work-life balance for the entire team! 
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Being an orthodontic assistant is hard work and has a steep learning curve and by no means is it a walk-in-the-park!  


If you’re in any way driven to cut your assistants learning curve in half, build the stable systems and team around you to support your future, your lifestyle and potentially an increased 10%-30% growth (often more)... Then go ahead and take the next step on this journey.

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